What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “cloudier”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “cloudier”

The antonyms of cloudier are clearer, brighter, and sunnier. These antonyms describe the opposite of cloudy weather, which is characterized by a lack of sunshine or visibility due to clouds.

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Definitions and Examples of clearer, brighter, sunnier

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Free from clouds, mist, or haze; able to see or perceive with clarity.


After the storm passed, the sky became clearer and the sun shone brightly.

Giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining intensely.


The flowers looked even more beautiful under the brighter sunlight.


Having a lot of sunshine; bright and cheerful.


The beach was much more enjoyable on the sunnier day.

Key Differences: clearer vs brighter vs sunnier

  • 1Clearer refers to the absence of clouds, mist, or haze, while brighter describes the intensity of light.
  • 2Sunnier conveys a sense of brightness and cheerfulness that is associated with sunny weather.

Effective Usage of clearer, brighter, sunnier

  • 1Weather Forecasting: Use these antonyms to describe weather conditions in a more precise manner.
  • 2Describing Scenery: Incorporate these antonyms when describing landscapes or natural settings.
  • 3Expressing Mood: Use these antonyms to convey different moods or emotions in writing or speech.

Remember this!

The antonyms of cloudier are clearer, brighter, and sunnier. These words describe the opposite of cloudy weather and have distinct nuances. Use them to enhance weather forecasting, describe scenery, and express different moods or emotions.

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