What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “demythologise”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “demythologise”

The antonym of demythologise is mythologize and romanticize. The antonyms mythologize and romanticize convey a positive or idealized view of something. It implies a belief in myths, legends, or romantic notions.

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Definitions and Examples of mythologize, romanticize

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To create or promote myths or legends about someone or something.


The author sought to mythologize the hero by exaggerating his deeds and virtues.

To view or present something in an idealized or sentimental way, often ignoring its flaws or complexities.


She tends to romanticize her childhood memories, forgetting the hardships and struggles she faced.

Key Differences: mythologize vs romanticize

  • 1Mythologize refers to the creation or promotion of myths or legends, while demythologise refers to the removal or debunking of myths or legends.
  • 2Romanticize refers to the idealization or sentimentalization of something, while demythologise refers to the critical examination or analysis of something.

Effective Usage of mythologize, romanticize

  • 1Academic Writing: Use demythologise to describe the process of removing myths or legends from historical or cultural narratives.
  • 2Media Criticism: Use demythologise to analyze how media representations perpetuate or challenge stereotypes and myths.
  • 3Creative Writing: Use mythologize and romanticize to create fantastical or idealized worlds in fiction or poetry.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Mythologize and romanticize convey a positive or idealized view of something, while demythologise refers to the removal or critical examination of myths or legends. Use these words in academic writing, media criticism, and creative writing to convey different perspectives and tones.

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