What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “dextrorotary”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “dextrorotary”

The antonyms of dextrorotary are levorotary, counterclockwise, and left-handed. These antonyms describe the opposite direction of rotation, handedness, or orientation.

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Definitions and Examples of levorotary, counterclockwise, left-handed

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Rotating or turning to the left; counterclockwise.


The molecule was levorotary, meaning it rotated light to the left.

In a direction opposite to the movement of the hands of a clock.


To open the jar, turn the lid counterclockwise.


Using the left hand more skillfully than the right hand.


He was left-handed and found it hard to use right-handed scissors.

Key Differences: levorotary vs counterclockwise vs left-handed

  • 1Levorotary and dextrorotary are complementary antonyms that describe the opposite direction of rotation.
  • 2Counterclockwise is a relational antonym that describes the opposite direction of a clock's hands.
  • 3Left-handed is a gradable antonym that describes the opposite handedness.

Effective Usage of levorotary, counterclockwise, left-handed

  • 1Science: Use these antonyms in scientific contexts to describe the direction of rotation or orientation.
  • 2Navigation: Use counterclockwise to give directions for turning left.
  • 3Sports: Use left-handed to describe athletes who use their left hand more skillfully.

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The antonyms of dextrorotary describe the opposite direction of rotation, handedness, or orientation. Use levorotary and dextrorotary in scientific contexts, counterclockwise in navigation, and left-handed in sports to describe the opposite direction or handedness.

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