What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “digne”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “digne”

The antonyms of digne are undeserving, unworthy, and ignoble. These words convey a lack of worthiness or merit.

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Definitions and Examples of undeserving, unworthy, ignoble

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Not deserving of something, especially praise or reward.


He felt undeserving of the award because he didn't do anything extraordinary.

Not deserving respect or admiration; not having value or merit.


His behavior was unworthy of a leader, and it caused him to lose the trust of his followers.


Not honorable in character or purpose; mean-spirited or base.


His actions were ignoble and showed a complete lack of integrity.

Key Differences: undeserving vs unworthy vs ignoble

  • 1Undeserving implies that someone does not merit something, such as praise or reward.
  • 2Unworthy suggests that someone lacks value or merit and is not deserving of respect or admiration.
  • 3Ignoble describes someone who is not honorable in character or purpose and has a mean-spirited or base nature.

Effective Usage of undeserving, unworthy, ignoble

  • 1Express Disapproval: Use these antonyms to express disapproval or criticism of someone's actions or behavior.
  • 2Describe Characters: Use these words to describe characters in stories or movies who are not deserving or worthy of admiration.
  • 3Discuss Ethics: Use these words to discuss ethical issues and to distinguish between honorable and dishonorable behavior.

Remember this!

The antonyms of digne convey a lack of worthiness or merit. Undeserving implies a lack of merit, unworthy suggests a lack of value or merit, and ignoble describes someone who is not honorable in character or purpose. Use these words to express disapproval, describe characters, and discuss ethical issues.

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