What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “dissented”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “dissented”

The antonyms of dissented are agree, concur, and assent. These words convey the opposite meaning of dissented, which means to disagree or express a different opinion.

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Definitions and Examples of agree, concur, assent

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To have the same opinion or belief as someone else; to be in harmony or accord.


I agree with your proposal and think it's a great idea.

To express agreement or approval; to have the same opinion or belief as someone else.


I concur with your assessment that the project needs more resources.

To express agreement or approval, often by nodding or saying yes.


She assented to the terms of the contract and signed it.

Key Differences: agree vs concur vs assent

  • 1Agree implies having the same opinion or belief as someone else, while concur suggests expressing agreement or approval.
  • 2Assent is a more formal term that conveys agreement or approval by nodding or saying yes.

Effective Usage of agree, concur, assent

  • 1Express Agreement: Use agree, concur, and assent to express agreement or approval in conversations.
  • 2Negotiate: Incorporate these antonyms in negotiations to reach a consensus.
  • 3Debate: Use these words to express disagreement or differing opinions in debates or discussions.

Remember this!

The antonyms of dissented are agree, concur, and assent. Use agree to convey having the same opinion, concur to express agreement or approval, and assent to formally approve or agree. These words can be used to express agreement, negotiate, or debate differing opinions.

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