What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “dissenting”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “dissenting”

The antonym of dissenting is conforming, agreeing, and consenting. The antonyms conforming, agreeing, and consenting convey a positive or cooperative attitude. It implies a willingness to comply, cooperate, or follow the rules.

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Definitions and Examples of conforming, agreeing, consenting

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Complying with rules, standards, or expectations.


The students were conforming to the dress code by wearing their uniforms.

Having the same opinion or belief as someone else.


After discussing the issue, they were agreeing on the best course of action.

Giving permission or approval for something to happen.


The patient signed the form, consenting to the medical procedure.

Key Differences: conforming vs agreeing vs consenting

  • 1Conforming refers to following rules or standards, while dissenting means expressing disagreement or opposition.
  • 2Agreeing refers to having the same opinion as someone else, while dissenting means having a different opinion or belief.
  • 3Consenting refers to giving permission or approval, while dissenting means withholding permission or disapproving.

Effective Usage of conforming, agreeing, consenting

  • 1Expressing Opinions: Use dissenting to express disagreement or opposition in discussions or debates.
  • 2Following Rules: Use conforming to describe compliance with rules or standards.
  • 3Reaching Consensus: Use agreeing to describe having the same opinion as someone else.
  • 4Granting Permission: Use consenting to describe giving permission or approval.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Conforming refers to following rules, agreeing means having the same opinion, and consenting refers to giving permission. Use these words to express opinions, follow rules, reach consensus, or grant permission.

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