What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “distinct”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “distinct”

The antonyms of distinct are indistinct, similar, and indistinguishable. These words convey the opposite meaning of distinct, which means clearly defined or easily recognizable.

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Definitions and Examples of indistinct, similar, indistinguishable

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Not clear or sharply defined; blurry or fuzzy.


The image was indistinct and difficult to make out.

Having a likeness or resemblance; almost the same but not identical.


The two dresses looked similar but had different patterns.

Impossible to tell apart; identical or very similar.


The twins were so alike that they were indistinguishable from each other.

Key Differences: indistinct vs similar vs indistinguishable

  • 1Indistinct refers to something that is blurry or not clearly defined.
  • 2Similar refers to something that has a likeness or resemblance but is not identical.
  • 3Indistinguishable refers to something that is impossible to tell apart, often used for things that are identical or very similar.

Effective Usage of indistinct, similar, indistinguishable

  • 1Describing Appearance: Use indistinct to describe blurry or fuzzy images or objects.
  • 2Comparing Objects: Use similar to compare two or more things that have a likeness or resemblance.
  • 3Identifying Differences: Use indistinguishable to emphasize that two or more things are impossible to tell apart.

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The antonyms of distinct are indistinct, similar, and indistinguishable. These words have different nuances and can be used in various contexts to describe appearance, compare objects, or identify differences.

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