What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “elongate”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “elongate”

The antonyms of elongate are shorten, contract, and compress. The antonyms convey the opposite meaning of stretching or extending something.

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Definitions and Examples of shorten, contract, compress

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To make something shorter in length or duration.


She decided to shorten her hair because it was too long and hard to manage.

To become smaller or narrower in size or extent.


The company had to contract its operations due to financial difficulties.

To press or squeeze something so that it takes up less space.


He used a machine to compress the garbage into a smaller volume.

Key Differences: shorten vs contract vs compress

  • 1Shorten refers to reducing the length or duration of something.
  • 2Contract implies becoming smaller or narrower in size or extent.
  • 3Compress means pressing or squeezing something to take up less space.

Effective Usage of shorten, contract, compress

  • 1Engineering: Use these antonyms to describe the process of changing the shape or size of materials.
  • 2Fashion: Incorporate these antonyms to describe the alteration of clothing or accessories.
  • 3Language Learning: Utilize these antonyms to expand vocabulary and improve communication skills.

Remember this!

The antonyms of elongate have distinct meanings: shorten means to reduce length or duration, contract implies becoming smaller or narrower, and compress means to press or squeeze to take up less space. These antonyms can be used in various contexts such as engineering, fashion, and language learning to expand vocabulary and improve communication skills.

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