What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “externalistic”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “externalistic”

The antonyms of externalistic are intrinsic, internal, and subjective. These antonyms describe the opposite of externalistic, which means that they refer to something that is inherent, innate, or subjective.

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Definitions and Examples of intrinsic, internal, subjective

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Belonging naturally; essential.


She has an intrinsic talent for music that cannot be taught.

Existing or occurring within an organism; inner.


The doctor discovered an internal injury that required immediate surgery.

Based on personal feelings or opinions; not necessarily based on fact or evidence.


Beauty is a subjective concept that varies from person to person.

Key Differences: intrinsic vs internal vs subjective

  • 1Intrinsic refers to something that is essential or natural to a person or thing.
  • 2Internal refers to something that exists or occurs within an organism or system.
  • 3Subjective refers to something that is based on personal feelings or opinions rather than facts or evidence.

Effective Usage of intrinsic, internal, subjective

  • 1Academic Writing: Use these antonyms to describe different perspectives or approaches to a topic.
  • 2Personal Development: Incorporate these antonyms in self-reflection to understand one's values and beliefs.
  • 3Business Communication: Utilize these antonyms to explain different organizational cultures or management styles.

Remember this!

The antonyms of externalistic are intrinsic, internal, and subjective. These antonyms describe something that is essential, innate, or subjective. Use these words in academic writing, personal development, and business communication to convey different perspectives and approaches.

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