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What is the opposite of “hatched”?

What is the antonym of “hatched”?

The antonyms of hatched are destroy, ruin, and demolish. These words convey the opposite meaning of hatched, which is to bring something into existence or to come out of an egg.

Brief Definitions of the Antonym(s)

Learn when and how to use these words with these examples!


To cause something to cease to exist or be ruined completely.


The hurricane destroyed the entire town, leaving nothing but rubble behind.


The state of being destroyed or decayed; to cause something to fall into disrepair or become unusable.


The heavy rain ruined the picnic by soaking all the food and making the ground muddy.


To completely destroy a building or structure.


The old factory was demolished to make way for a new shopping center.

How are these antonyms different from each other?

  • 1Destroy implies complete annihilation or elimination of something.
  • 2Ruin refers to the state of being destroyed or decayed.
  • 3Demolish means to tear down or destroy a building or structure.

Good things to know

  • 1Enhance Vocabulary: Use these antonyms to expand your vocabulary and express yourself more accurately.
  • 2Improve Writing: Incorporate these words in your writing to create vivid descriptions and evoke emotions.
  • 3Enrich Reading: Recognize these antonyms in texts to deepen your understanding of the author's message.

Remember this!

The antonyms of hatched are destroy, ruin, and demolish. These words have distinct meanings: destroy implies complete annihilation, ruin refers to the state of being destroyed, and demolish means to tear down a building or structure. Use these words to enhance your vocabulary, improve your writing, and enrich your reading experience.

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