What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “idiosyncracy”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “idiosyncracy”

The antonyms of idiosyncrasy are normality and conformity. An idiosyncrasy is a unique or peculiar behavior or characteristic that sets an individual apart from others. On the other hand, normality and conformity refer to the state of being typical, usual, or adhering to social norms.

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Definitions and Examples of normality, conformity

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The state of being usual, typical, or expected.


After a year of remote work, returning to the office felt like a return to normality.

The act of complying with rules, standards, or expectations.


In some cultures, conformity is highly valued, and deviation from norms is discouraged.

Key Differences: normality vs conformity

  • 1Normality refers to the state of being typical or expected, while idiosyncrasy refers to a unique or peculiar characteristic.
  • 2Conformity refers to the act of complying with rules or expectations, while idiosyncrasy implies a deviation from norms or expectations.

Effective Usage of normality, conformity

  • 1Social Context: Use normality and conformity in discussions about social norms and expectations.
  • 2Individuality: Use idiosyncrasy to describe unique characteristics or behaviors that set individuals apart.
  • 3Psychology: Incorporate these antonyms in conversations about personality traits and disorders.

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The antonyms of idiosyncrasy are normality and conformity. While normality refers to the state of being typical or expected, conformity implies compliance with rules or expectations. Idiosyncrasy refers to a unique or peculiar characteristic or behavior that sets individuals apart. These words can be used in discussions about social norms, individuality, and psychology.

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