What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “inutilized”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “inutilized”

The antonyms of inutilized are utilized, used, and exploited. These words convey the opposite meaning of inutilized, which means something that is not being used or put to good use.

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Definitions and Examples of utilized, used, exploited

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Put to practical use; made use of.


The company utilized its resources effectively to increase productivity.

Previously owned or employed by someone else; no longer new.


He bought a used car instead of a new one to save money.

Used unfairly or selfishly for one's own advantage.


The workers felt they were being exploited by their employer, who paid them low wages and provided poor working conditions.

Key Differences: utilized vs used vs exploited

  • 1Utilized refers to something that is being put to practical use.
  • 2Used refers to something that was previously owned or employed by someone else.
  • 3Exploited refers to something that is being used unfairly or selfishly for one's own advantage.

Effective Usage of utilized, used, exploited

  • 1Business: Use utilized to describe how resources are being used effectively.
  • 2Consumerism: Use used to describe second-hand items.
  • 3Social Justice: Use exploited to describe unfair treatment of people or resources.

Remember this!

The antonyms of inutilized have distinct meanings. Utilized refers to practical use, used refers to previously owned items, and exploited refers to unfair use. Use these words in different contexts such as business, consumerism, and social justice to convey the intended meaning.

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