What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nondeterminism”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nondeterminism”

The antonyms of nondeterminism are determinism and predictability. These antonyms refer to the opposite concepts of randomness and certainty.

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Definitions and Examples of determinism, predictability

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The philosophical belief that every event, including human actions, is ultimately determined by causes external to the will.


According to determinism, free will is an illusion because everything is predetermined.

The quality of being able to be predicted or foreseen.


The predictability of the stock market is a key factor in making investment decisions.

Key Differences: determinism vs predictability

  • 1Determinism is a philosophical belief that everything is predetermined, while nondeterminism refers to the concept of randomness and unpredictability.
  • 2Predictability is the ability to be predicted or foreseen, while nondeterminism implies a lack of predictability.

Effective Usage of determinism, predictability

  • 1Philosophy: Use determinism and nondeterminism to discuss philosophical concepts related to free will and causality.
  • 2Science: Use nondeterminism to describe random processes in physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • 3Technology: Use predictability to discuss the reliability and stability of software systems and algorithms.

Remember this!

The antonyms determinism and predictability represent the opposite concepts of predetermined causality and the ability to be predicted or foreseen. Use these words in philosophical discussions about free will and causality, scientific contexts related to random processes, and technological contexts related to reliability and stability.

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