What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonglazed”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonglazed”

The antonyms of nonglazed are glazed, shiny, and glossy. These antonyms describe the opposite of a surface that is dull, matte, or without shine.

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Definitions and Examples of glazed, shiny, glossy

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Having a smooth, shiny coating on the surface.


The potter applied a layer of glaze to the ceramic vase to make it glazed and water-resistant.

Reflecting light brightly and clearly; having a lustrous or glossy appearance.


Her new shoes were so shiny that they reflected the sunlight and caught everyone's attention.

Having a smooth, shiny surface that reflects light evenly.


The magazine cover was printed on glossy paper, which made the colors look more vibrant and the images more vivid.

Key Differences: glazed vs shiny vs glossy

  • 1Glazed refers to a surface that has a smooth, shiny coating, often applied for protection or decoration.
  • 2Shiny describes a surface that reflects light brightly and clearly, often due to its smoothness or polished finish.
  • 3Glossy refers to a surface that has a smooth, shiny appearance, often due to a coating or finish that reflects light evenly.

Effective Usage of glazed, shiny, glossy

  • 1Art and Design: Use these antonyms to describe the texture, finish, or appearance of objects in art and design.
  • 2Cooking and Baking: Use glazed to describe food that has a shiny coating, such as glazed donuts or glazed ham.
  • 3Science and Technology: Use these antonyms to describe the properties of materials, surfaces, or products in science and technology.

Remember this!

The antonyms of nonglazed are glazed, shiny, and glossy. These words describe surfaces that are smooth, shiny, and reflective. Use these antonyms to describe objects in art and design, food in cooking and baking, and properties of materials in science and technology.

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