What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “noninvidious”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “noninvidious”

The antonym of noninvidious is invidious, unfair, and biased. The antonyms invidious, unfair, and biased convey a negative or unjust connotation. It implies a lack of impartiality, objectivity, or neutrality.

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Definitions and Examples of invidious, unfair, biased

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Likely to arouse resentment or anger in others; unfairly discriminating or favoring one person or group over another.


The boss's invidious treatment of certain employees led to low morale and high turnover rates.

Not just or equitable; treating people differently without a good reason.


The judge's ruling was unfair because it favored the wealthy defendant over the poor plaintiff.

Prejudiced in favor of or against something or someone; not neutral or objective.


The journalist's biased reporting of the political campaign showed her support for one candidate over the other.

Key Differences: invidious vs unfair vs biased

  • 1Invidious refers to unfair discrimination or favoritism that can cause resentment or anger in others.
  • 2Unfair describes a situation or treatment that is not just or equitable.
  • 3Biased means having a preference or prejudice for or against something or someone, resulting in a lack of neutrality or objectivity.

Effective Usage of invidious, unfair, biased

  • 1Legal Context: Use unfair to describe unjust rulings or treatment in legal cases.
  • 2Media Analysis: Use biased to critique news articles, TV shows, or movies that show partiality or prejudice.
  • 3Social Justice: Use invidious to discuss discriminatory practices or policies that create inequality or injustice.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Invidious refers to unfair discrimination or favoritism, unfair describes unjust situations or treatment, and biased means having a preference or prejudice. Use these words in legal contexts, media analysis, or social justice discussions to convey the appropriate meaning.

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