What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “pendent”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “pendent”

The antonyms of pendent are settled, decided, and resolved. These words convey the idea of something being finalized or completed, as opposed to being in a state of uncertainty or indecision.

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Definitions and Examples of settled, decided, resolved

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Fixed or established; not likely to change or be unsettled.


After months of negotiations, the parties finally reached a settled agreement.

Concluded or determined; not open to further debate or discussion.


The judge's ruling was decided and could not be appealed.

Determined or decided upon; having a clear and definite course of action.


After much deliberation, the committee resolved to take immediate action.

Key Differences: settled vs decided vs resolved

  • 1Settled implies that something has been fixed or established and is unlikely to change.
  • 2Decided suggests that a conclusion has been reached and is not open to further debate or discussion.
  • 3Resolved conveys the idea of a clear and definite course of action being determined or decided upon.

Effective Usage of settled, decided, resolved

  • 1Legal Proceedings: Use settled, decided, and resolved to describe legal outcomes and decisions.
  • 2Business Transactions: Incorporate these antonyms in business contexts to convey the finality of agreements and decisions.
  • 3Personal Relationships: Utilize these words to describe the resolution of conflicts or the establishment of clear boundaries in personal relationships.

Remember this!

The antonyms of pendent convey the idea of finality and completion. Settled implies something is fixed and unlikely to change, decided suggests a conclusion has been reached and is not open to further debate, and resolved conveys a clear and definite course of action. Use these words in legal proceedings, business transactions, and personal relationships to describe outcomes, decisions, and resolutions.

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