What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “revigorate”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “revigorate”

The antonyms of revigorate are weaken, impair, and exhaust. These words convey a sense of tiredness, weakness, or damage.

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Definitions and Examples of weaken, impair, exhaust

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To become less strong or powerful; to lose energy or vitality.


The prolonged illness had weakened his immune system, making him more susceptible to infections.

To weaken or damage something, making it less effective or functional.


The accident had impaired his vision, making it difficult for him to read or drive.

To use up all the energy or resources of something; to make someone feel extremely tired or drained.


The long hike had exhausted her, and she needed to rest for a while before continuing.

Key Differences: weaken vs impair vs exhaust

  • 1Weaken implies a gradual loss of strength or energy over time.
  • 2Impair suggests a more sudden or severe damage that affects the functionality of something.
  • 3Exhaust conveys a sense of complete depletion of energy or resources.

Effective Usage of weaken, impair, exhaust

  • 1Health and Fitness: Use these antonyms to describe the effects of exercise, illness, or lifestyle on the body.
  • 2Productivity and Performance: Incorporate these words in discussions about work, study, or other activities that require energy and focus.
  • 3Environmental Issues: Utilize these antonyms to describe the impact of pollution, climate change, or other factors on ecosystems and natural resources.

Remember this!

The antonyms of revigorate have distinct meanings: Weaken implies a gradual loss of strength, impair suggests sudden or severe damage, and exhaust conveys complete depletion of energy. Use these words to describe the effects of exercise, illness, or lifestyle on the body, discuss productivity and performance, or describe environmental issues.

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