What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “unrestorable”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “unrestorable”

The antonym of unrestorable is restorable, repairable, and fixable. These antonyms describe the ability to be repaired, fixed, or restored to its original state.

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Definitions and Examples of restorable, repairable, fixable

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Capable of being restored to its original condition.


The antique vase was damaged during shipping, but it was restorable with some careful repairs.

Able to be fixed or mended.


The car had a flat tire, but it was repairable with a quick patch.

Able to be repaired or corrected.


The computer crashed, but it was fixable with a simple restart.

Key Differences: restorable vs repairable vs fixable

  • 1Restorable implies that something can be returned to its original condition.
  • 2Repairable suggests that something can be fixed or mended.
  • 3Fixable indicates that something can be repaired or corrected.

Effective Usage of restorable, repairable, fixable

  • 1Maintenance: Use these antonyms to describe the ability to repair or restore an object.
  • 2Product Reviews: Incorporate these antonyms in product reviews to describe the durability of an item.
  • 3Home Improvement: Utilize these antonyms when discussing home improvement projects or repairs.

Remember this!

The antonyms restorable, repairable, and fixable describe the ability to repair, fix, or restore something. Use these words to describe the durability of an item, discuss home improvement projects or repairs, and describe the ability to repair or restore an object.

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