Learn about the difference between the homophones: haw, ha and hah


Haw is a noun that refers to a small, red fruit that grows on hawthorn trees. It can also be used as a verb meaning to utter a sound like 'haw'.


The hawthorn tree was full of ripe haws.


He cleared his throat with a loud haw.

Ha is an exclamation used to express amusement, surprise, or triumph.


Ha! That's hilarious!


Ha! I knew I could do it!

Hah is another exclamation used to express amusement or triumph. It is similar in meaning to ha.


Hah! That was a good joke.


Hah! I won the game!

Tips To Remember the Differences

Here are a few tips to easily distinguish the difference between these words while keeping in mind the description we've provided:

To remember the difference between haw, ha, and hah, you could associate haw with the fruit, ha with laughter, and hah with a longer, drawn-out laugh.


Remember this!

Remember, haw refers to a fruit or a sound, while ha and hah are both used to express amusement or triumph.

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