Learn about the difference between the homophones: illicit and elicit


Illicit is an adjective that refers to something that is illegal or not allowed by law.


Illicit drugs are a major problem in many countries.


The company was fined for engaging in illicit business practices.

Elicit is a verb that means to draw out or obtain information or a response from someone.


The survey was designed to elicit information about customer satisfaction.


The comedian's jokes elicited laughter from the audience.

Tips To Remember the Differences

Here are a few tips to easily distinguish the difference between these words while keeping in mind the description we've provided:

To remember the difference between these two words, think of illicit as something that is illegal or not allowed, and elicit as something that draws out information or a response.


Remember this!

Remember, illicit means illegal or not allowed, while elicit means to draw out or obtain information or a response.

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