Learn about the difference between the homophones: praying and preying


Praying is a verb that means to address a deity or a religious figure with solemn requests, praise, or thanksgiving.


She was praying for her family's safety.


He spends an hour every day praying in the church.

Preying is a verb that means to hunt and kill for food or to exploit or victimize someone.


The lion was preying on a herd of zebras.


The scammer was preying on the elderly people in the neighborhood.

Tips To Remember the Differences

Here are a few tips to easily distinguish the difference between these words while keeping in mind the description we've provided:

- To remember the difference between praying and preying, you can associate praying with religion or spirituality. Think of it as asking for blessings from a higher power. - On the other hand, preying has the word 'prey' in it, which means hunting or victimizing. You can link preying with 'hunting' or 'victimizing' to remember better.


Remember this!

Remember, praying is related to religion and spirituality, while preying refers to hunting or victimizing.

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