student asking question

According to a dictionary, the word "bejewel" is a transitive verb, but I don't understand what kind of verb it is. Could you tell me what a transitive verb means?


Native speaker’s answer


A "transitive verb" is a verb that requires an object or clause after it to make a complete thought. On the other hand, an "intransitive verb" is a verb that doesn't require an object to express a complete thought. So, for example, with "bejewel" [transitive verb] we need to know "what" was bejeweled. But, for "jump" [an intransitive verb], we don't need to know what someone jumped on. Ex: She jumped. => intransitive verb Ex: I want to bejewel my jacket. => transitive verb Ex: Let's go! => intransitive verb Ex: She played the piano. => transitive verb

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