“Jo maxi”: Learn the expression through definition and examples

What does “Jo maxi” mean?

The phrase "Jo maxi" means 'Taxi' or 'cab.' When someone uses "Jo maxi", they are referring to a mode of transportation, specifically a taxi or cab.

How is the expression used in real life?


We can get a jo maxi in later


I took a jo maxi to the airport


Let's call a jo maxi to go downtown

What context can I use each expression in?

  • 1Referring to transportation

    We can get a jo maxi in later.

    I took a jo maxi to the airport.

  • 2Suggesting using a taxi or cab

    Let's call a jo maxi to go downtown.

    Why don't we take a jo maxi to the party?

  • 3Discussing modes of transportation

    I prefer taking a jo maxi instead of public transportation.

    The jo maxi driver was really friendly.

Good things to know:

What is the origin of the phrase?

"Jo maxi" is a slang expression that originated in Ireland. It is commonly used in Irish English to refer to a taxi or cab.

Can the phrase be used on its own?

While "jo maxi" is typically used in a sentence, it can also be used on its own to refer to a taxi or cab. For example, if someone asks how you're planning to get to the airport, you might simply respond with "Jo maxi" to indicate that you'll be taking a taxi.

Is the phrase offensive?

"Jo maxi" is not offensive in itself. It's a slang term used to refer to a taxi or cab.

Audience for the phrase

"Jo maxi" is primarily used by people in Ireland or those familiar with Irish slang. It is more commonly used by younger generations and those who are part of the Irish English dialect.

Is the phrase specific to an accent or country?

"Jo maxi" is specific to Ireland and is commonly used in Irish English. It may not be widely understood or used outside of Ireland.

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