accumulated Definition

  • 1gathered or collected gradually over time
  • 2increased in quantity or degree through a gradual process

Using accumulated: Examples

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    The company has accumulated a large amount of debt over the years.

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    She has accumulated a vast collection of books.

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    The snow has accumulated on the ground throughout the day.

accumulated Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for accumulated

Phrases with accumulated

  • accumulate wealth

    to gradually acquire more and more money or assets over time


    He worked hard to accumulate wealth and provide for his family.

  • to gradually gain more knowledge and skill through practice or exposure to different situations


    As she traveled the world, she accumulated valuable experience and insights.

  • to gradually gather more and more proof or information to support a claim or argument


    The investigators worked tirelessly to accumulate evidence against the suspect.


Summary: accumulated in Brief

The term 'accumulated' [uh-kyoo-myuh-ley-tid] refers to something that has been gathered or collected gradually over time, or increased in quantity or degree through a gradual process. It can be used to describe physical objects like snow or books, as well as abstract concepts like debt or experience. Phrases like 'accumulate wealth' and 'accumulate evidence' use the term to denote gradual acquisition or gathering. Synonyms include 'collected,' 'amassed,' and 'gathered.'