alarmist Definition

a person who exaggerates a danger or threat, especially one who does so in order to provoke a reaction.

Using alarmist: Examples

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    The article was criticized for being alarmist and sensationalist.

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    Some politicians are accused of being alarmists in order to gain support.

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    Don't listen to the alarmists who say the world is ending tomorrow.

alarmist Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for alarmist

Phrases with alarmist

  • to alert people to danger or a problem


    When they saw the smoke, they immediately sounded the alarm.

  • a warning that turns out to be unnecessary or incorrect


    The fire alarm was a false alarm; there was no fire.

  • a sign that something is wrong or that there is a problem


    The recent drop in sales has set off alarm bells among the company's executives.

Origins of alarmist

from 'alarm' + '-ist'


Summary: alarmist in Brief

'Alarmist' [əˈlɑːmɪst] refers to a person who exaggerates a danger or threat, often to provoke a reaction. It is commonly used to criticize sensationalist journalism or political rhetoric. Phrases like 'sound the alarm' and 'false alarm' use 'alarm' to denote warning or danger, while 'alarm bells' suggests a sign of a problem. Synonyms include 'scaremonger,' 'fearmonger,' 'doomsayer,' and 'catastrophist.'