altered Definition

  • 1changed or modified
  • 2affected mentally or emotionally

Using altered: Examples

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  • Example

    The dress was altered to fit her better.

  • Example

    The recipe was altered to include less sugar.

  • Example

    His mood was altered after hearing the news.

  • Example

    The medication can alter your state of mind.

altered Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with altered

  • a person's secondary or alternative personality


    As a writer, he created an alter ego to express his darker thoughts.

  • a noisy argument or disagreement, especially in public


    The two drivers got into an altercation on the road.

  • to change direction or path


    The ship had to alter course to avoid the storm.

Origins of altered

from Old French 'alterer', from Late Latin 'alterare', from Latin 'alter', meaning 'other'


Summary: altered in Brief

The term 'altered' [ˈɔːltəd] refers to something that has been changed or modified. It can be used to describe physical changes, such as alterations to clothing or recipes, as well as mental or emotional changes, such as altered moods or states of mind. Phrases like 'alter ego' and 'altercation' use 'alter' to denote a secondary or alternative personality and a noisy argument or disagreement, respectively. 'Alter course' is an idiom that means to change direction or path.