artists Definition

people who create art, especially paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Using artists: Examples

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    The museum is showcasing works by local artists.

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    She is one of the most talented artists of her generation.

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    The city is known for its vibrant community of street artists.

artists Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for artists

  • painters
  • sculptors
  • creators
  • designers

Phrases with artists

  • an artist who struggles to make a living from their work


    He was a starving artist for years before finally achieving success.

  • artist's block

    a period of time when an artist is unable to create new work or feels uninspired


    She has been struggling with artist's block for months.

  • an artist who uses their body or voice as a medium for artistic expression


    Marina Abramović is a well-known performance artist.

Origins of artists

from Latin 'ars', meaning 'art'


Summary: artists in Brief

'Artists' [ˈɑrtɪsts] are people who create art, such as paintings, drawings, and sculptures. They are often showcased in museums and galleries, and can struggle to make a living from their work. Phrases like 'starving artist' and 'artist's block' describe common experiences among artists, while 'performance artist' refers to an artist who uses their body or voice as a medium for artistic expression.