avidly Definition

with great interest or enthusiasm.

Using avidly: Examples

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    She avidly read every book in the series.

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    He avidly followed the news about the upcoming election.

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    They avidly pursued their hobby of birdwatching.

avidly Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for avidly

Origins of avidly

from Latin 'avidus', meaning 'eager'


Summary: avidly in Brief

'Avidly' [ˈævɪdli] is an adverb that means 'with great interest or enthusiasm.' It is often used to describe someone's passion for a particular activity or subject. Synonyms include 'enthusiastically,' 'keenly,' and 'passionately.' Antonyms include 'indifferently' and 'unenthusiastically.' Examples of usage include 'She avidly read every book in the series' and 'They avidly pursued their hobby of birdwatching.'