backhanded Definition

  • 1indirect, insincere, or sarcastic
  • 2using a backhand stroke in tennis or other sports

Using backhanded: Examples

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  • Example

    She gave him a backhanded compliment, saying he looked good for his age.

  • Example

    His apology was backhanded and insincere.

  • Example

    The article contained a backhanded criticism of the company's management.

  • Example

    He won the point with a backhanded shot down the line.

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Summary: backhanded in Brief

The term 'backhanded' [bak-han-did] can mean indirect, insincere, or sarcastic, as in 'She gave him a backhanded compliment.' It can also refer to using a backhand stroke in sports like tennis, as in 'He won the point with a backhanded shot.'