classify Definition

  • 1to arrange or organize something into groups based on shared characteristics
  • 2to identify the category or class to which something belongs

Using classify: Examples

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    The books in the library are classified according to subject matter.

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    The scientist classified the new species of bird.

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    The data was classified into different age groups.

classify Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for classify

Phrases with classify

  • information that is restricted or confidential and not available to the general public


    The government keeps some documents classified for national security reasons.

  • short advertisements placed in a newspaper or online, usually organized by category


    He found his new job through a classified ad in the local newspaper.

  • a document that has been marked as confidential or secret


    The classified document contained sensitive information about national security.

Origins of classify

from French 'classer', from Latin 'classis' meaning 'a class or division'


Summary: classify in Brief

To 'classify' [ˈklæsɪfaɪ] means to group things together based on shared characteristics or to identify the category to which something belongs. It can be used to describe arranging books in a library, sorting data, or identifying a new species of bird. 'Classify' extends into phrases like 'classified information,' referring to restricted or confidential information, and 'classified ads,' referring to short advertisements organized by category.