closest Definition

  • 1nearest in space or time; immediately adjoining without any intervening space
  • 2most intimate, familiar, or understanding; closest friend or ally

Using closest: Examples

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  • Example

    The closest gas station is just around the corner.

  • Example

    She is my closest friend and confidante.

  • Example

    The closest thing to a solution we have is to start over from scratch.

  • Example

    The two countries have the closest of ties.

  • Example

    I was the closest to the door, so I opened it.

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Summary: closest in Brief

The term 'closest' [ˈkloʊsɪst] refers to something that is nearest in space or time, without any intervening space. It can also refer to someone who is most intimate, familiar, or understanding, such as a closest friend or ally. Examples include 'The closest gas station is just around the corner,' and 'She is my closest friend and confidante.'