cloudy Definition

  • 1full of or covered with clouds
  • 2not transparent
  • 3unclear or confused

Using cloudy: Examples

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  • Example

    It's a cloudy day today.

  • Example

    The water in the glass is cloudy.

  • Example

    His memory of the event is still cloudy.

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    The instructions are a bit cloudy.

cloudy Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with cloudy

  • a sign of trouble or difficulty that may be coming in the future


    The company's financial troubles are a cloud on the horizon.

  • in a state of suspicion or disfavor


    After the scandal, the politician was under a cloud of suspicion.

  • a state of extreme happiness or euphoria


    Winning the championship put him on cloud nine.


Summary: cloudy in Brief

The term 'cloudy' [ˈklaʊdi] refers to things that are full of or covered with clouds, not transparent, or unclear. It can describe weather, liquids, memories, or instructions. 'Cloudy' extends into phrases like 'a cloud on the horizon,' indicating trouble ahead, and 'cloud nine,' denoting extreme happiness.

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