disownment Definition

the act of refusing to acknowledge or accept as one's own; the state of being disowned.

Using disownment: Examples

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    After the scandal, the politician faced disownment by his party.

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    The family's disownment of their son was a result of his decision to drop out of college.

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    The company's disownment of the faulty product was an attempt to save their reputation.

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Summary: disownment in Brief

Disownment [dɪsˈəʊnmənt] is the act of refusing to acknowledge or accept something as one's own, or the state of being disowned. It can be seen in various contexts such as politics, family, and business. Examples include a politician facing disownment by their party after a scandal, a family disowning their son for dropping out of college, and a company disowning a faulty product to save their reputation.