disunited Definition

  • 1divided and lacking in unity
  • 2not united or joined together

Using disunited: Examples

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    The party was disunited over the issue of immigration.

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    The disunited team lost the game.

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    The country was disunited by the civil war.

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Summary: disunited in Brief

'Disunited' [ˌdɪsjuːˈnaɪtɪd] is an adjective that describes something that is divided and lacking in unity. It can refer to a group of people, a team, or a country that is not united or joined together. Examples include 'The party was disunited over the issue of immigration' and 'The disunited team lost the game.' Synonyms include 'divided,' 'separated,' and 'disjointed.' Antonyms include 'united,' 'joined,' and 'connected.'