dozing Definition

sleep lightly or intermittently.

Using dozing: Examples

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    I was dozing in front of the TV.

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    The baby is dozing peacefully in her crib.

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    He was dozing off during the lecture.

dozing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dozing

Phrases with dozing

  • fall asleep, especially unintentionally


    I always doze off during long car rides.

  • take a nap or short sleep


    I'm going to catch a quick doze before the meeting starts.

  • spend time sleeping or napping


    He spent the whole afternoon dozing away on the couch.


Summary: dozing in Brief

'Dozing' [ˈdəʊzɪŋ] refers to sleeping lightly or intermittently. It can be intentional or unintentional, as in 'He was dozing off during the lecture.' The phrase 'doze off' means to fall asleep unintentionally, while 'catch a doze' and 'doze away' refer to taking a nap or spending time sleeping.