educated Definition

  • 1having been taught, trained, or instructed in a particular subject or skill
  • 2showing evidence of extensive intellectual knowledge

Using educated: Examples

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    She is an educated woman with a degree in engineering.

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    The article was written by an educated journalist with years of experience.

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    He has an educated opinion on the matter.

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    An educated guess is better than no guess at all.

educated Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with educated

  • self-educated

    having acquired knowledge or skill on one's own initiative rather than through formal instruction or training


    He is a self-educated artist who learned to paint by himself.

  • over-educated

    having more education than necessary for a particular job or position


    He was over-educated for the job and felt unfulfilled.

  • under-educated

    having less education than necessary for a particular job or position


    The company struggled due to under-educated employees who lacked the necessary skills.


Summary: educated in Brief

The term 'educated' [ˈɛdʒəkeɪtɪd] refers to someone who has been taught or trained in a particular subject or skill, or who shows evidence of extensive intellectual knowledge. It can be used to describe a person's level of education or their opinions and guesses. Phrases like 'self-educated' and 'over-educated' describe different levels of formal education.