energized Definition

  • 1give vitality and enthusiasm to
  • 2cause (something) to become energized

Using energized: Examples

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    The coach's speech energized the team before the game.

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    The new CEO's vision energized the company.

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    The caffeine in coffee can energize you.

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    The solar panels energize the batteries.

energized Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with energized

  • energize someone's base

    to motivate or excite a particular group of supporters


    The politician's speech energized his base and increased his popularity.

  • energize a crowd

    to excite or motivate a large group of people


    The band's performance energized the crowd and got them dancing.

  • energize a room

    to make a room more lively or exciting


    The colorful decorations and music energized the party room.


Summary: energized in Brief

'Energized' [ˈenədʒaɪzd] is a verb that means to give vitality and enthusiasm to something or someone. It can refer to motivating a group of people, such as 'The coach's speech energized the team before the game,' or to making something more powerful, like 'The solar panels energize the batteries.' 'Energized' can be used formally, as in 'invigorate' or 'stimulate,' or informally, as in 'pump up' or 'jazz up.'

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