facilitated Definition

  • 1made easy or less difficult
  • 2assisted the progress of

Using facilitated: Examples

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    The new software has facilitated the process of data analysis.

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    The teacher facilitated the discussion by asking open-ended questions.

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    The organization facilitated the distribution of food to the affected areas.

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Summary: facilitated in Brief

The verb 'facilitated' [fəˈsɪlɪteɪtɪd] means to make something easy or less difficult, or to assist in its progress. It is often used in the context of technology, education, and aid work, as in 'The new software has facilitated the process of data analysis.' 'Facilitated' is synonymous with 'eased,' 'simplified,' and 'streamlined,' and is the opposite of 'hindered' and 'obstructed.'