fatigable Definition

  • 1able to become tired or fatigued
  • 2susceptible to fatigue

Using fatigable: Examples

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  • Example

    After a long day of work, I feel very fatigable.

  • Example

    The athlete's performance was affected by his fatigable condition.

  • Example

    Her illness made her more fatigable than usual.

fatigable Synonyms and Antonyms


Summary: fatigable in Brief

The term 'fatigable' [ˈfætɪɡəbəl] refers to the ability to become tired or susceptible to fatigue. It is often used to describe a person's physical or mental state, as in 'After a long day of work, I feel very fatigable.' Synonyms include 'exhaustible,' 'wearying,' 'tiring,' 'draining,' and 'taxing.'