fees Definition

  • 1a payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services
  • 2a charge or cost for a particular service or event

Using fees: Examples

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  • Example

    The lawyer's fees were very high.

  • Example

    The school charges a fee for parking on campus.

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    There is no entrance fee for the museum.

  • Example

    The bank charges a fee for using an ATM that is not part of their network.

fees Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for fees

Phrases with fees

  • a fee charged by an institution when someone applies for something, such as a job or a college program


    I had to pay an application fee when I applied to college.

  • an additional charge added to a bill or payment when it is not paid by the due date


    I forgot to pay my credit card bill on time and was charged a late fee.

  • a fee paid to belong to a club, organization, or group


    I paid my membership fee to join the gym.


Summary: fees in Brief

The term 'fees' [fiːz] refers to payments made in exchange for services or advice. It can also denote charges for specific services or events, such as parking or ATM usage. Examples include 'The lawyer's fees were very high.' and 'The school charges a fee for parking on campus.' Phrases like 'application fee,' 'late fee,' and 'membership fee' are common.