geared Definition

  • 1designed or intended for a particular purpose or job
  • 2adjusted or adapted to suit a particular purpose or situation

Using geared: Examples

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  • Example

    The course is geared towards beginners.

  • Example

    The company's strategy is geared towards expansion in the Asian market.

  • Example

    The training program is geared to improve employees' skills.

  • Example

    The car is geared for high-speed driving.

geared Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with geared

  • gear up

    to prepare oneself or others for something that is about to happen


    We need to gear up for the busy holiday season.

  • to reduce the speed or intensity of something


    The company had to gear down production due to a shortage of raw materials.

  • gear towards

    to focus on or direct something towards a particular goal or purpose


    The new marketing campaign is geared towards attracting younger customers.


Summary: geared in Brief

The adjective 'geared' [ɡɪrd] describes something that is designed or adjusted for a specific purpose or situation. It can refer to courses, strategies, training programs, and even cars. The phrase 'gear up' means to prepare for something, while 'gear down' means to reduce speed or intensity. 'Gear towards' means to focus on a particular goal or purpose.