harshly Definition

  • 1in a rough or severe manner
  • 2in an unkind or cruel way

Using harshly: Examples

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  • Example

    The teacher spoke harshly to the students who were misbehaving.

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    She was criticized for treating her employees harshly.

  • Example

    The punishment was too harshly given for such a minor offense.

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Summary: harshly in Brief

The adverb 'harshly' [ˈhɑːʃli] means in a rough or severe manner, or in an unkind or cruel way. It is often used to describe how someone speaks or behaves towards others, as in 'The teacher spoke harshly to the students who were misbehaving.' 'Harshly' can also be used to describe punishments or criticism that are considered excessive or unfair.