heedful Definition

  • 1paying careful attention to someone or something
  • 2mindful
  • 3attentive

Using heedful: Examples

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  • Example

    He was heedful of his mother's advice.

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    She was always heedful of her surroundings when walking alone at night.

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    The teacher was very heedful of the students' progress.

  • Example

    It is important to be heedful of the potential dangers in the area.

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Summary: heedful in Brief

'Heedful' [ˈhiːdfʊl] is an adjective that describes paying careful attention to someone or something. It is synonymous with 'attentive' and 'mindful', and antonymous with 'inattentive' and 'unmindful'. Examples include being heedful of advice, surroundings, progress, and potential dangers.