immoderately Definition

  • 1in a way that exceeds reasonable limits or bounds; excessively
  • 2in a way that lacks restraint or moderation; intemperately

Using immoderately: Examples

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  • Example

    He drank immoderately and ended up with a terrible hangover.

  • Example

    She spent immoderately on clothes and now has no money left.

  • Example

    The politician was criticized for speaking immoderately about his opponents.

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Summary: immoderately in Brief

The adverb 'immoderately' [ɪˈmɒdərətli] means to exceed reasonable limits or bounds, or to lack restraint or moderation. It is often used to describe excessive behavior, such as drinking or spending money. For example, 'He drank immoderately and ended up with a terrible hangover.'