inflaming Definition

to cause or become more intense, especially in terms of anger or violence.

Using inflaming: Examples

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    The politician's speech was accused of inflaming tensions between the two communities.

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    The inflammatory article only served to inflame the already tense situation.

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    His constant teasing was inflaming her temper.

inflaming Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with inflaming

  • strong emotions, especially anger or desire, that have been provoked or intensified


    The controversial book inflamed passions on both sides of the political spectrum.

  • skin that is red, swollen, and painful due to an injury or infection


    The burn left his skin inflamed and tender to the touch.

  • speech or writing that is intended to provoke strong emotions or reactions, often in a negative way


    The candidate's inflamed rhetoric only served to divide the electorate further.


Summary: inflaming in Brief

The verb 'inflaming' [in-fley-ming] means to intensify, especially in terms of anger or violence. It can refer to anything from a speech that provokes strong emotions to a physical injury that causes redness and swelling. Synonyms include 'aggravate' and 'provoke,' while idioms and phrases include 'inflamed passions' and 'inflamed rhetoric.'