informalize Definition

to make something less formal or more casual in style or character.

Using informalize: Examples

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    The company decided to informalize its dress code to attract younger employees.

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    The author chose to informalize his writing style to appeal to a wider audience.

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    The restaurant has informalized its menu to include more comfort food options.

informalize Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for informalize

  • relax
  • casualize
  • unformalize

Antonyms for informalize


Summary: informalize in Brief

The verb 'informalize' [inˈfɔːməlaɪz] means to make something less formal or more casual. It is often used to describe changes in dress codes, writing styles, or menus. Synonyms include 'casualize' and 'relax,' while antonyms include 'formalize' and 'standardize.' Informal equivalents include 'chill out' and 'loosen up.'