inhibitory Definition

  • 1tending to inhibit or restrain something
  • 2relating to or denoting a synapse that decreases activity in the postsynaptic cell

Using inhibitory: Examples

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    The inhibitory effect of the drug on the growth of cancer cells was significant.

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    The inhibitory neurons in the brain help regulate the activity of other neurons.

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    The inhibitory signals from the brain prevent the muscles from contracting involuntarily.

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Summary: inhibitory in Brief

The term 'inhibitory' [ɪnˈhɪbɪtəri] refers to something that restrains or decreases activity. It can be used to describe the effect of drugs on cancer cells, the function of inhibitory neurons in the brain, or the signals from the brain that prevent involuntary muscle contractions. Synonyms include 'restraining' and 'prohibitive,' while antonyms include 'stimulating' and 'excitatory.'