intentionality Definition

the quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) that consists in their being directed towards some object or state of affairs.

Using intentionality: Examples

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    The intentionality of his actions was clear from the beginning.

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    Intentionality is a key aspect of mindfulness practice.

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    The artist's intentionality is evident in every brushstroke.

intentionality Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for intentionality

Phrases with intentionality

  • a way of understanding and predicting the behavior of other people or things by assuming that they have beliefs, desires, and intentions similar to one's own


    The intentional stance allows us to predict the behavior of others based on our assumptions about their beliefs and desires.

  • a group of people who live together or share common interests and goals, often with an emphasis on sustainability, cooperation, and social justice


    The intentional community was founded on principles of environmental sustainability and social equality.

  • a lifestyle characterized by conscious choices and deliberate actions aimed at achieving personal fulfillment and meaningful relationships


    Intentional living involves setting goals, prioritizing values, and making choices that align with one's vision for a fulfilling life.


Summary: intentionality in Brief

Intentionality [ɪˌntɛnʃəˈnælɪti] refers to the quality of mental states that are directed towards some object or state of affairs. It is a key aspect of mindfulness practice and is evident in the deliberate actions of individuals. 'Intentional stance' is a way of understanding the behavior of others by assuming they have beliefs and desires similar to one's own, while 'intentional community' and 'intentional living' describe groups and lifestyles characterized by shared goals and conscious choices.