irritating Definition

causing annoyance, impatience, or mild anger.

Using irritating: Examples

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    The sound of the dripping faucet is really irritating.

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    She has an irritating habit of interrupting people when they speak.

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    The slow internet connection is so irritating.

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    The constant noise from the construction site is highly irritating.

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Summary: irritating in Brief

The term 'irritating' [ˈɪrɪteɪtɪŋ] refers to something that causes annoyance, impatience, or mild anger. It can be used to describe a variety of situations, such as a dripping faucet, a slow internet connection, or a person's annoying habit of interrupting others. Synonyms include 'annoying' and 'bothersome,' while antonyms include 'pleasant' and 'soothing.'