managed Definition

  • 1succeeded in doing something despite difficulties or obstacles
  • 2controlled or organized a business, project, or situation

Using managed: Examples

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    She managed to finish the project on time despite the unexpected challenges.

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    He managed the company for over a decade before retiring.

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    I'm not sure how she managed to get such a high score on the test.

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    The team managed to win the championship despite being the underdogs.

managed Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using managed

  • succeed in doing something despite difficulties or obstacles


    Despite the heavy rain, we managed to finish the hike.

  • need something in order to function or succeed


    I can't manage without my morning coffee.

  • manage one's expectations

    adjust one's expectations to a more realistic or achievable level


    I know you want to finish the project by tomorrow, but let's manage our expectations and aim for next week instead.

Phrases with managed

  • self-managed

    able to manage oneself without external control or supervision


    The company has a self-managed work culture where employees are trusted to manage their own time and tasks.

  • well-managed

    effectively controlled or organized


    The event was well-managed, with everything running smoothly and on schedule.

  • handled or controlled poorly or incompetently


    The company was mismanaged, leading to financial losses and layoffs.


Summary: managed in Brief

'Managed' [ˈmænɪdʒd] is a verb that means to succeed in doing something despite difficulties or obstacles, or to control or organize a business, project, or situation. It is often used in phrases like 'self-managed' and 'well-managed,' as well as idioms like 'manage to do something' and 'manage one's expectations.'